Our Swift Carpet Cleaning technicians are highly experienced at cleaning all types of upholstery. We specialize in micro suede and have extensive experience in this area.

Our upholstery cleaning technician will use high quality cleaning pre spray detergent products which we import from USA. These chemicals are gentle on your fabric and keep the PH level neutral at all times. We import these chemicals simply because they are the best in the world and have been tried, tested and proven in tough conditions and are known to be the best amongst the world’s best cleaning companies.

While cleaning your lounge suites we will dry the fabric rapidly using our industrial fans. This means your lounge will dry quickly to avoid re-soiling problems and also ensures you can use your lounge again quickly.

Once cleaned, we are able to apply a high quality fabric protector to your lounge suite to resist soiling and staining. Please inform us when you make your booking if you are interested in applying fabric protector to your lounge suite.

This picture shows a section of a restaurant lounge seat that had not been cleaned for around 3 years. The base of the lounge was visibly dirty and the restaurant manager was contemplating replacement but decided to try Swift as a last resort to avoid the expense of reupholstering. The time re upholstering would take to complete was a big inconvenience and the reduction in seating capacity would have been an additional loss to the restaurant.

Dirty restaurant lounge

This picture is taken during the cleaning of the restaurant lounge. You will notice the sections that have already been cleaned have brightened up dramatically and the dark staining on the base of the seat is coming out really well. The cleaning technician is working his way to the left of the lounge in this photo as can be seen.

Cleaning in progress Swift technician able to dramatically brighten restaurant lounge  

The value of choosing a premium company like Swift Carpet Cleaners is apparent on this tough job. We use the BEST chemicals not the Cheapest! We use the most powerful equipment available! We do not rush – good quality takes more time and the more we put into it the more we get out!

Dark, dirty sofa arm Sofa bright and clean again after cleaning by Swift