If you have light coloured carpets or good quality wool carpets you may want to apply our carpet stain protector to help your carpets stay cleaner longer and to prevent spills and stains from ruining your carpet’s appearance.

We have very good quality carpet protectors that are Australian made and provide very good resistance to soiling and stains.

Stain protection will make it easier for you to remove spots and stains with your general home cleaning as the stains should be on the outside surface of the stain protector coating. The carpet stain protector treatment also resists general soiling so you should be able to vacuum more dirt out before it clings to the carpet fibres. This is especially true with wool carpets as they are a natural fibre and most natural fibres when placed under a microscope have rough uneven and jagged edges. These are the edges that trap soiled particles making your carpet dirty.

Carpet protector will also help for when we come out to clean your carpets next time as the soiling will be on top of the coating and will be easier for our cleaning technicians to remove during our high quality cleaning procedures.

There is no set amount of time that stain protector lasts, however, the more foot traffic and wear you have on your carpet the quicker it will wear off. The protector will usually remain on your carpet after cleaning. However, if the cleaning needs to be an aggressive clean because your carpets are very dirty then we will remove more of your protective coating. Generally the stain protector will last one clean and then the following clean it is recommended for you to reapply the stain protector in most circumstances.

The most important point to remember when having stain protector applied to your carpets is to have the carpet thoroughly cleaned and prepared correctly first. This also means to have the residue from any cleaning chemicals removed or neutralised to allow a strong bond to the fibres.


  • Create a coating on the surface of the fibres which will resist soiling. When you spot clean the carpet or have a professional carpet cleaner clean your carpet you will have better success.
  • Assist in the retarding of general dust due to the smooth coating on the fibres.
  • Slow the penetration of spills directly into the fibre which will allow you more time to clean up before the spill soaks in completely and causes a stain.


  • Stop staining from occurring completely.
  • Automatically clean up a spill for you – you will need to absorb the spill and treat it as normal.
  • Alter the appearance of the carpet or fabric.