Soda Blasting is an abrasive cleaning process that we use with the combination of water. Water increases the cleaning impact and reduces the dust created, but in most cases will limit the use of soda blasting to outdoor areas.

We are able to use different types of medium depending on the substrate that is to be cleaned restored. Different types of medium will need to be considered depending on the environment.

Soda blasting as mentioned earlier is an abrasive method of cleaning and therefore cannot be carried out on all types of surfaces.

Soda blasting is particularly effective on surfaces damaged by fire, smoke and in some cases will be effective on badly oil stained concrete.

Phone or email our office to discuss your cleaning requirements. When emailing photographs it is essential to provide us with a clear photo from a distance of the area that we are to be attempting restoration as well as close up pictures.

Swift Cleaning used soda blasting to remove the heavy smoke and soot damage to bricks prior to the rebuilding of this home

Before Soda Blasting After Soda Blasting

This house had a very bad fire – the tiles had been heavily affected by intense heat, soot, molten plastic and metal. Our soda blasting / abrasive cleaning method restored the tiles to a pristine condition which avoided a costly replacement bill saving our customer around $10,000

Before Soda Blasting After Soda Blasting