Swift Rug Cleaners division have over 65 years experience in professional rug detailing and cleaning. Our rug cleaning facility is one of the best equipped in Australia. We use the latest equipment and an environmentally friendly rain water system to clean your wool, Persian, cotton, silk, oriental, synthetic, antique and heirloom rugs.

Rugs drying flat in our custom built drying room Handmade rug cleaned by Swift Rug Cleaners Dull, dirty rug fresh and bright again thanks to Swift Rug Cleaners

From time to time your rugs may need a freshen up, the colours often appear a bit dull or should the unfortunate occur that you have an accident on the rug, whether it be animal urine, red wine or coffee spill or your rug becomes flooded, our Adelaide Rug Cleaners division can clean your rug in traditional methods, combined with modern technology and modern cleaning methods to provide your rug with the lift in appearance and cleanliness that it needs.

Your rugs will not just be treated like carpets and given a surface clean only like many other companies offer. At Swift Rug Cleaners your rug will be put through a detailed process that concentrates on cleaning and removing as much of the embedded sand, dirt, dust mites, allergen and other particles that get trapped beneath the fibres of your rug as possible.

Our centrifuge machine Urine affected rug getting our full rug spa treatment
Rug Duster vibrating and shaking rug to remove dry soiling

Each rug we receive is treated individually and according to its needs. Our rug cleaning specialist will:

  • Determine the fibre content of your rug
  • Identify the style/origins of your rug to determine any specialised cleaning considerations
  • Inspect your rug using UV lights and specialised eyewear to identify pet urine contamination
  • Test your rug for colourfastness to prevent colour run during the cleaning process
  • Apply any require pre treatments
  • Clean using the method determined to be the best suited to your rug which may include a traditional hand wash in our custom made wash pit or the use of Adelaide’s only rug centrifuge and rug spa
  • Employ high volume rinsing to ensure removal of product residues
  • Dry your rug flat in our custom built drying room which combines heating, air circulation, hydroxyl treatment and dehumidification
  • Groom your rug
  • Put your rug through a final quality control inspection before releasing it back to you

Our rug cleaning process is very thorough and involved and the cost of cleaning your rugs reflects the time that will be taken in the cleaning process in total. We do understand the cheap import nature of many rugs in the market place at the moment. We are often faced with comments that a rug may only cost a small amount to purchase. The issue here is that we need to clean all rugs to a high standard regardless of their value or purchase price. Should you wish for your rug to be cleaned in a budget manner then our cleaning process cannot be as thorough as is often required.

Cheap rugs are often made from polypropylene or nylon, and should you simply dispose of your rug rather than cleaning and reusing it, you will be adding to more pollution in the environment as your plastic rug will end up in land fill. Swift Rug Cleaners are environmentally conscience and encourage people to act in a thoughtful manner towards cleaning their rugs rather than simply throwing them out and buying new ones.

The cheap nature of many synthetic rugs now days does mean that they only last a few of years before they begin to deteriorate. If you are looking at purchasing a rug, you should be looking for one of good quality, with a woven backing rather than a material backing that is simply glued together.

Our Rug Cleaning division has been in operation for over 65 years. We have encountered many thousands of rugs over this time and our experience enables us to clean, detail, and restore your rugs to a high standard and get the job done right the first time.

Contact us for any further information that you may require, we will only be too happy to assist and provide an estimated quote for cleaning your rug. When ringing for quotes you will need to supply us with the measurements of your rug (right up to the end of the fringes if applicable) as well as information as to what your rug is made from - whether it be wool, cotton, silk, synthetic, etc. This will help us to provide a more accurate price estimate at the time of your enquiry.