One of the most difficult problems to fix with carpet is pet stains and pet smells.

Sometime our beloved pets have accidents.. Luckily Swift are here to help!

In order to treat pet problems on carpet you must be able to accurately identify the location of the smell and the urine contamination. In some cases this is easy due to the yellow urine staining that can sometimes be visible on the carpet pile. However, in some cases, staining is not visible. It is only the smell of the urine that can be noticeable. In this situation, our technicians will accurately identify the location of the urine by using specialised eye wear combined with ultraviolet lighting. Our technician will ask to close blinds and curtains in order to darken the room prior to the use of our ultraviolet lighting system. The ultraviolet light in most cases will highlight the exact location of the urine contamination on the carpet. This will allow us to effectively pinpoint the affected section of carpet with the appropriate cleaning agents.

We must apply enough treatment to the affected area to adequately wet the soiled carpet in order to have a successful outcome. Urine salts and contaminates can be contained in the carpet backing and also the underlay. It is these areas that must be addressed correctly to produce a satisfactory result. This is often difficult but our technicians follow a precise procedure which enables us to yield a brilliant result.

Depending on the severity of the odour we have several different styles of treatment that we can use on pet stains and smells. Our technician will decide which product will be appropriate at the time of visit.

There are many variables in effectively controlling urine smells and stains which means that it is often difficult to provide an accurate and fixed price over the telephone without visually assessing the carpet condition in person.

The specialist chemicals we use are products that have endured extensive testing and development and we have had good experience with at removing pet stains and pet odours. We prefer to use green chemicals in most situations and one of our favourite green chemicals to use is a bio enzyme odour encapsulation product that continues to dissolve and attack the urine bacteria as it dries while also producing a very pleasant fragrance.

Swift Carpet Cleaners are Adelaide’s most experienced at removing or reducing urine stains and smells associated with pet accidents on carpet. Our experience in this specialised cleaning field will benefit you by producing a great result at a fair price.