Your concrete driveway or pavers are porous and therefore collect dirt, grime and soil. This builds up and creates a dull, dirty and stained looking surface. To clean this effectively you need the correct equipment, chemicals and experience. That is where Swift Cleaning comes in. We have had years of experience cleaning concrete and pavers in Adelaide and can restore colour back to your pavers by carrying out an intense high pressure clean.

The cleaning of your concrete or pavers will dramatically increase the appeal of your home’s outdoor areas. We recommend this be done every two years to maintain your driveway and pavers to a good standard.

These pavers were dull and dirty after a major bushfire and subsequent dust storms Pavers clean and bright again after cleaning by Swift

Where possible we use environmentally friendly products as usually we will need to be very careful with your plants, lawns and flowers during our cleaning process. We care about the environment and our aim is to use green chemicals and procedures in most cases. However, during cleaning one would expect there would be some minor disturbance along the very edge of your driveways or pathways that are cleaned. Our cleaning technician will come up with a good solution to minimise any garden disturbance during the cleaning process.

Please call or email us with your requirements, we will be only be too happy to help with your outdoor cleaning needs.

We are also experienced at cleaning bricks, walls and outdoor surfaces including graffiti removal in Adelaide and surrounding country areas.

Cleaning in progress of these dusty pavers Pavers cleaned and brightened by Swift