If you live within the Adelaide area and you have problems with a burn on your carpet or perhaps your dog or cat has pulled some carpet threads, please call us to discuss patching or repairing your carpet. Our technicians have years of experience and are able to offer you a good quality repair in most situations.

Common repairs are pulled threads from the cat, or maybe the dog has chewed the corner of the carpet and you need the carpet repaired to pass your rental inspection. A very common repair that we do is a carpet iron burn patch. For some reason it’s a common thing for the iron to accidently burn or melt Adelaide carpets.

If your carpets are loose and buckled you will need our repair technician to re-stretch your carpet. We have a full range of re-stretching and re-tensioning equipment including our large industrial power stretcher. If your carpet needs re-stretching call our office to discuss requirements and details. In most cases re-stretching requires most of the furniture to be removed or moved in the room to carry out a good quality repair. Re-stretching is used for loose and wrinkled carpets. Like a facelift, re-stretching makes carpet tight again. This also prolongs the carpet’s life by eliminating wrinkles which can cause the carpet to wear more quickly from the constant back and forth bending that occurs when they are stepped on. It also reduces the danger of tripping on the loose material.

Carpet Patching is used to repair small areas of carpet that are burned, stained or similarly damaged. The damaged piece of carpet is cut out and a good piece of matching carpet is glued into its place. If leftover matching carpet isn’t available, a small piece is usually taken from a closet or similar hidden location.

Clearly, you will need to have a spare piece of carpet available for this type of carpet repair. This can often be accomplished by taking material from underneath a piece of furniture.

We have a lot of experience at putting patches in carpet. Some jobs are very tricky and some jobs are easy and straightforward. Our friendly technician is very thorough and fussy with repairs to ensure that you get the maximum benefits.

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This puppy has had a great time tearing a hole in the carpet. Swift Carpet Repairs technician to the rescue! Carpet patch repair in progress Great result achieved by our experienced technician