Swift Carpet Cleaners Adelaide division has been successfully cleaning carpets within the Adelaide metropolitan area since 1931 as a division of Acres Dry Cleaners. We are South Australia’s oldest and most established carpet cleaning firm. In fact we are the longest running carpet cleaning firm in the whole of Australia. So you can rest assured that we have the experience and knowledge to offer you the best quality carpet steam clean in Adelaide.

Our equipment is a large part of our success due to the very high powered machinery that we use which produces great cleaning power with extreme suction, very high heat, solution and steam pressure. Our machine is very user friendly and quite adjustable. Should your carpet be delicate or old we can adjust our cleaning power to suit your carpet construction and sensitivity. As our machine is attached to our truck we will be bringing our hoses inside your premises so the noise stays outside.

Our equipment is amongst the most powerful in Australia and we are confident that you will be amazed with the capabilities of our extremely highly powered carpet cleaning machines. Should you be located in a multi-story building we have traditional portable machinery that we can bring right up inside to get access for difficult to reach areas.

Heavily soiled function room Function room carpet after cleaning by Swift

Carpet cleaning is not just about the machinery, the chemicals and stain removers play a very important role in the finished product. We import most of our chemicals from USA. These chemicals are the best in the world. We have a different stain remover for every different type of stain, so when our technician arrives it is very important to describe what you think the stains were caused by. This will allow our carpet cleaning technician to apply the correct stain removal product immediately which will give us the best chance of achieving successful stain removal for your carpet in the Adelaide area.

Our chemicals vary quite a lot. Should you have a wool carpet it is important for us to use our wool safe chemical set products. This will allow your valuable wool carpet to be cleaned in the best and safest possible way.Some cleaning products can be quite harsh on wool so our technician will inspect the carpet prior to cleaning and tailor the cleaning of your carpets to suit its needs.

We offer three different levels of cleaning. The entry level clean we call the BUDGET CARPET CLEAN. Our technician arrives, applies the pre-treater and pre-spray to your carpets then simply washes the carpet. Stains will not receive additional attention without further time/cost.

Our next level of carpet clean is carried out to the Australian standards, we call it the AUSTRALIAN STANDARDS CLEAN. Australia standards is an organisation that sets certain criteria and procedures which when followed closely will produce an exceptional quality finished result. This method includes an initial inspection and advice, pre-vacuum, pre-treatment of spots, stains and dark traffic areas. We then apply a good quality pre-spray carpet cleaning detergent to your carpets. Your carpet is then washed using our high powered carpet cleaning machine. We also use a specialised rinsing product in cleaning solution. This enables us to remove additional soil during the cleaning process, it also enables us to rinse and flush out detergent residue and return your carpets PH levels to a neutral state. This is a very important step that most companies overlook due to the additional cost of the rinsing products.

High traffic hotel carpet Hotel carpet cleaning in progress Large hotel dining area cleaned by Swift

It is important for your carpets PH levels to be adjusted. This will reduce the risk of browning and will also mean that your carpets will stay cleaner for longer. Most other carpet cleaners in Adelaide use a lot of detergent during the cleaning process and they often leave detergent residue in your carpets. Once your carpets dry this detergent residue remains in your carpet and takes on a slightly sticky or tacky feel. During the course of the following months after your cleaning, the dust that settles naturally in your home will stick to this detergent residue and your carpets will start to get dirty. People often comment that once they have their carpets cleaned they get dirty quick. This is the reason. So if you have had troubles before with your carpets getting dirty quickly or stains reappearing after cleaning then you will need to have a carpet cleaner who is of high quality like Swift Carpet Cleaners. We think we are Adelaide’s best Carpet Cleaners, we take great care with your cleaning needs. If you have had trouble with spots or stains coming back after cleaning then you must point this out to our operator on the phone and also our technician when we come to your home. These stains can sometimes be difficult to remove completely and permanently. So it is extremely important that you mention this to us so that we can tailor our cleaning process to achieve a good result. In some cases we will often need to come back and treat these stains again. This process can be frustrating, but eventually we will succeed in removing these troublesome stains.

In home carpet before cleaning Carpet after cleaning by Swift Carpet Cleaners


Our deluxe clean was invented by our head cleaners David Acres and Andrew Radloff around 20 years ago. Our clean is now advertised and used by other Adelaide carpet cleaners who often copy our technology and new equipment. The deluxe clean involves a pre inspection of your home carpets and pre-treatment of troubled stains, spots and spills prior to the application of a high quality Australian made wool safe, synthetic and nylon fibre safe cleaning pre-spray. This pre-spray is applied immediately to your carpet room by room. Your carpet is then rotary shampooed using a machine which we attach a soft nylon brush to. This machine rotary scrubs your carpet and massages the shampoo into the pile. This loosens the soil and is especially effective on dark and dirty traffic walkway areas. Traffic area soiling in walk ways is often difficult to remove, so if you have dark areas this process is the best and most effective. Once we have thoroughly rotary shampooed your carpets you will notice an immediate difference and improvement but we are by no means finished. Your carpets are then thoroughly cleaned using our industrial made carpet steam cleaning machine, using very high pressure. Then your carpet is thoroughly rinsed and excess water is extracted carefully to minimise drying times. Once this process is finished we will groom your carpet to enhance its visual appearance. We then install an industrial carpet drying fan to blow dry your carpet. This gives a dramatic reduction in the drying time of your carpets. Even though the carpet feels dry straight away there is still some moisture content that will need to evaporate during the drying process. Our deluxe carpet cleaning methodleaves your carpets as dry as a traditional dry cleaning process but your carpets will be brightened and will look amazing due to our Adelaide invented carpet cleaning procedure.

Should you have a woollen carpet, at the end of this thorough process is the ideal time to apply stain protection treatments.Stain protection treatments are detailed in another page of this website. Please see Stain Protection Page for detailed information on stain protection and its benefits. Briefly, stain protection will help your carpets to stay cleaner for longer and soiling will be repelled so your carpets will be easier to clean during your home maintenance vacuuming and spot cleaning. When we clean your carpets next time the cleaning will be more efficient due to the barrier on the carpet fibres. Please ask about stain protection and its cost at the time of booking or when our technician comes out to your home.

Heavily soiled bedroom carpet Carpet clean again thanks to Swift Capet Cleaners